Aside from our main training courses, the Sales Mastery Programme™, the Persuasive Selling Process™ and the Sales Manager Accelerator™, we cover a number of other sales skills courses and more. We use proven industry-leading content to deliver huge value in a short period of time. We are focused on implementation and taking action.

Sales Strategy Day™

Plan your sales team’s goals, KPIs, sales team structure and roles correctly
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Sales Territory Management™

Account manager training – rank your clients right and proactively manage all your existing clients more profitably.
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Key Account Management™

For key account managers manager their top handful of ongoing clients.
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Sales Ignition Day™

For refresher training or if you have a wide mix of sales team members selling by phone and face to face.
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Essential Negotiation Skills™

To simply build your confidence and consistency at negotiation.
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Superior Public Speaking & Presentations™

If you want to confidently write and then deliver presentations that have impact.
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Prospecting & Gold Calling™

Start here if you need to focus on new business development and acquiring new customers.
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Superior Customer Service™

Start here if you want to set clear customer service standards for your whole team.
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Time Management Essentials™

Start here if you want your whole team to be more productive with their time.
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Intensive Sales  Accelerator Programme™

12-week introduction to business-to-business selling programme
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Pure Online Training™

Access great online training – from sales to customer service to time management
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Live Online Training™

Live in-house online training – from sales to presentation skills to customer service
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Teamwork & Communication Excellence™

Start here to maximise the internal communication and understanding across your team for long term success
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