Benefits of Pure Online Sales Training

  • Total flexibility of time and location for each attendee
  • Refresh & relearn each topic (access for 7 days)
  • Save time and money with less travel
  • Test your knowledge to maximise retention
  • Highly engaging best practice online videos (content written exclusively for online delivery)

Relationship Selling, Benefit Selling & Closing the Sale™

  • Maximise your face-to-face sales success rate
  • Prepare for client meetings to ensure your success and the art of good questioning
  • Communicate your benefits to clients every time and avoid selling on price
  • Use proven closing techniques to close more confidently
  • Handle objections professionally and consistently
Investment AU/NZ/CAN: $397+GST
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Highly Effective Prospecting & The Art of Gold Calling

  • Maximise your prospecting and telephone sales confidence
  • Proactively take control of your sales pipeline and process to grow sales
  • Understand your conversion rates and time management
  • Cold call in a way that gets results
  • Overcome call reluctance and the fear of rejection
  • Work better with gatekeepers
Investment AU/NZ/CAN: $397+GST
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Client Management™ 

  • Grow your existing clients confidently and proactively to maximise loyalty and referrals
  • Understand the value of your existing clients
  • Save time in the process to free you up for more prospecting
  • Walk away a personalised 12-month client management plan to follow
Investment AU/NZ/CAN: $197+GST
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Key Account Management™

  • How to grow and retain your key accounts proactively (your top few clients)
  • Understanding the true value of your key accounts and key contacts
  • Supercharge your account management techniques
  • Walk away with a simple 12-month plan to maximise your results
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Essential Negotiation Skills

  • Prepare your negotiations more fully to maximise your negotiation results
  • How to handle the other party when negotiating
  • Achieve a win-win outcome for both parties by following a more consistent structure
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Advanced Business Presentations™

  • How to present more confidently to groups
  • How to write a presentation to successfully sell or make an impact
  • How to deliver a presentation with consistency and professionalism
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Customer Service Excellence™

  • The importance of expert customer service by phone, face to face and by email
  • The importance of internal customer service
  • Using the ‘Moments of Truth’ process to set customer service standards
  • Creating the WOW factor through your customer service
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Business Networking at Events™

  • Network more confidently in large groups at expos and industry events
  • How to break into conversation with people more easily
  • How to break out of conversations respectfully so no one ‘chews your ear off’!
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Cross-Selling & Up-Selling™

  • How to increase the value of each sale you make
  • Learn what you should cross-sell and up-sell
  • Use proven techniques to cross-sell and up-sell effortlessly
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Advanced Negotiation Skills™

  • Grow your confidence on how to prepare thoroughly before you negotiate
  • Manage the conversation to get the outcome you deserve
  • Ensure that neither party loses face in the negotiation process
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Practical Time Management™

  • Prioritise your time better with proven time management practices
  • Reduce distractions, interruptions and procrastination
  • Delegate more confidently to leverage your time
Investment AU/NZ/CAN: $97+GST Enquire now
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