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Below are our best sales training and sales coaching courses and programmes. We deliver over 100 sales and business training courses that we have run around the world for over a decade.

Our most popular ‘service’ is creating tailored, 12-month or longer, sales training programmes personalised for every attendee.

A tailored 12-month sales team development programme usually includes all of our best sales training courses and solutions listed below:

  1. Sales Team Insights using best in class tools from Extended DISC in Finland
  2. We deliver the Persuasive Selling Process™ to help your salesforce master sales conversations
  3. Then the sales team complete the highly personalised Sales Mastery Programme™ B2B sales training programme
  4. The Sales Manager completes the semi-personalised Sales Manager Accelerator™ for expert sales management training
  5. We then deliver sales coaching throughout the programme for ongoing accountability

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Sales Mastery Programme™

Flexible ongoing B2B sales training at its best. Master your mindset, leverage your personality, even develop your self-accountability. Sales training personalised to your experience, role, and personality – with over 1 billion learning pathways!

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Persuasive Selling Process™

Run world-class B2B sales meetings and calls. Control the conversation using The Sales Tool Belt™, handle objections with ease using The Objection Managing Process™ and close the sale without discounting with The Persuasive Selling Process™.

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Sales Manager Accelerator™

Ongoing semi-personalised live and online sales manager training. Develop your mindset, lead based on your personality and learn critical skills to lead your team proactively.

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