Welcome to one of the most personalised B2B sales training courses in the world. This unique, sales skills training programme is ideal for anyone working in B2B sales – be it via telephone or face-to-face sales.

Personalised for every individual’s behavioural profile (a.k.a. personality), their experience, their sales competencies and their actual sales function. There are OVER ONE BILLION different ‘learning pathways’ for attendees over the full 3-year programme! This is the best sales training of its kind available. It works for individual B2B salespeople and larger salesforce teams.

How this amazing salesforce training programme works:

  1. Every week you receive a new course to complete from one of the Five Success Pillars™areas listed below via email
  2. You also attend two live training sessions each month – one being sales skills training, the other being sales coaching (where you can learn from other industries)
  3. It takes on average just 1 hour per week, using world-leading software
  4. Over 90% of your programme is available through online Apps on smart devices for easy access!

The B2B sales training subject areas for Year 1:
The Five Success Pillars™

Pillar 1: Sales Mindset Training covers:

  • Your psychology, goal setting, motivation, and resilience

Pillar 2: Behavioural Profiling Training overview:

  • Understand how to leverage your own behavioural profile (personality) with your B2B sales skills – we use the world-class Extended DISC tool for this – we teach you how to sell based on your natural personality profile, not someone else’s (please note: we use 10 different ‘combination profiles’ in year 1, not the usual 4).

Pillar 3: Mastering Conversion Sales Training covers:

  • Refresher training of the Persuasive Selling Process™, The Objection Managing Process™, and The Sales Tool Belt™, plus personalised tips on how to adapt your behavioural profile (personality) to the profile of your clients, when in telephone sales or face-to-face selling

Pillar 4: Specialist Sales Skills Training covers:

  • Receive 13 different online sales skills courses personalised to your sales role and experience. From negotiation skills to prospecting (if relevant to your role), to account management (if relevant to your role) AND you get access to over 20 different other sales skills courses on demand

Pillar 5: Accountability Sales Coaching covers:

  • You receive sales coaching tips on how developing your self-accountability and quarterly sales skills training reports on you online training progress. You can also track your progress weekly

Programme Outcomes

  • Increase and maintain your ongoing motivation
  • Develop a winning sales mindset and sales psychology
  • Master the art of controlling the sales conversation, be it face-to-face sales or telephonesales
  • Increase your profit margins through smarter sales skills
  • Leverage your natural behavioural profile in your B2B sales role
  • Adapt better to the personality (profile) of your clients
  • Increase your accountability

“I really enjoyed the online aspect of the training programme.  Well-presented, relevant content and easy actionable takeaways from every course to help me get the most out of my learning.  The short sharp videos made it easy to get my development in around an often busy schedule.”

Chris Baker, Adage Furniture, Western Australia

B2B Sales Training Summary:

  • Over AU/NZ$1000 worth of training per month for just AU/NZ$500+GST per month for 12 months
  • (GB£225/month, US$275/month, CAN$400/month – please note these are reduced monthly rates as the time zones don’t allow for you to attend the live sales training monthly – you can access the recordings within 7 days)

“I’ve been on the Sales Mastery Programme for 3 months,  I really like the variety of the topics and that it is an ongoing programme and I that I can access whatever training I need whenever I need it.  I especially like the live webinars that are motivating and practical.”

Lionel Cox, Foodflo, New Zealand

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Year 2 Overview:

  • Year 2 of the Sales Mastery Programme™ is exclusively for Year 1 graduates
  • As with year 1, 50% of the sales training content is personalised to you based on your behavioural profile (split to 16 different profiles) and across 18 different sales competencies. We use the world leading Sales Competence Assessment from global profiling experts Extended DISC in Finland to do this
  • We bring in mindset experts James Cameron and John Shacklton
  • We even bring in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) expert Michael Fooks for 12 sales topics on Mastering Conversations Through NLP
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Year 3 Overview:

  • Year 3 of the Sales Mastery Programme™ is exclusively for Year 2 graduates
  • As with years 1 and 2, much of the sales training content is personalised to you based on your behavioural profile (split to 16 different profiles) and sales competencies
  • We go deeper into Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with expert Michael Fooks
  • We bring in new mindset and sales experts with fresh new content

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