Sales Mastery Programme™

Personalised B2B Training

Flexible ongoing B2B sales training at its best. Master your mindset, leverage your personality, even develop your self-accountability. Sales training personalised to your experience, role, and personality – with over 1 billion learning pathways!

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Persuasive Selling Process™

Master Sales Conversations

Run world-class B2B sales meetings and calls. Control the conversation using The Sales Tool Belt™, handle objections with ease using The Objection Managing Process™ and close the sale without discounting with The Persuasive Selling Process™

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Sales Manager Accelerator™

Master Sales Management

Ongoing semi-personalised sales manager training. Develop your mindset, lead based on your natural personality, and learn critical Sales Manager skills to lead your team proactively. Learn from other managers at the live monthly online training.

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Team Analysis

Master Your Team

Proven insights into your team with role-specific profile reports using the world-class Extended DISC™ tool. Map your whole team to improve communication and minimise conflict. Gain deeper insights into your sales team with our new Sales Competence Assessment™.

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Other Training Courses

Additional Sales Skills Courses

Outstanding stand-alone face-to-face and online training courses. From Sales Team Strategy & Planning to Key Account Management; from Negotiation to Presentation skills; from Superior Customer Service to Time Management skills; and much more.

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